With the help of some fruit!

I was recently working on building out the various classes for our Flutter SDK when I realized how many .dart files I was making. Most of them were separate classes. Some contained multiple classes, but for the most part each class belonged to its own file.

When I started using…

without pressing the Floating Action Button

If you’re coming here from my previous post, you saw me start my To-Do app and fix the issue of not being able to update NewToDo in a showModalBottomSheet method when my state updates.

After asking a question on Stack Overflow, I was finally able to put my NewToDo widget…

Let’s setup state management in Flutter’s bottom sheet

I was working on a Flutter to do application when I realized that I wanted to move my NewToDo widget into a showModalBottomSheet. Here is a gif of the current UI.

Use Flutter to create a state-controlled text input

Given the recent demand for a Flutter-friendly version of our SDK, lately I’ve been getting up to speed with Flutter. I’ve found that while syntactically different, Flutter and React Native aren’t too different conceptually. For one, they both utilize the concept of stateful widgets (or components in react).

A stateful…

And What to Look Out For

I July, I posted about my advice for coding bootcamp grads. But what should you do once you get your foot in the door and actually start getting some interviews? How can you maximize your interview experience and make sure you’re doing an ample job looking out for yourself.


In Less Than Two Minutes

In this post, I will show you how to host your local web app as if it were deployed to a real, secure, domain. At the end is a quick video tutorial showing you that it takes less than 1 minute and 30 seconds to do this.

Below is the…

Holy sh*t you made it! Now what?

It’s been almost four years since I started Flatiron School’s Software Engineering Immersive program. Here’s what I’ve done since then I’ve had two jobs and am coming up on my third. my path thus far has not been a straight one.

I turned a two month contract as a web…

The “depends” Amazon JavaScript code challenge

Phone displaying Amazon logo

I recently went through my old dev projects and came across a JavaScript code challenge I did for Amazon. I had about half an hour to do it, and while I couldn’t complete it within that time frame back then, I decided to give it another try.

The challenge required…

A coding challenge to clear up 3 regular expression concepts

White frame

I recently came across an interesting code challenge that consisted of a few questions. The first question can be seen below:

“We love word clouds! Given the following text, print a list of all the words used and the number of times they appear. Please ignore punctuation and other uninteresting…

A comparison of the two libraries for capturing React components as images

Charts on a laptop screen

I recently wrote an article about capturing React components as images and shared it on Reddit. One redditor commented on it, saying that while the library is robust, they used another one that they thought performed a bit better:

“A similar library that I ultimately ended up using was html-to-image

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