Don’t Be The Best Version of Yourself

Be better.

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4 min readJul 13, 2020

During quarantine, I have been able to better prioritize my mental and physical health, learn new things and actively work towards being a better me. In the morning, I meditate and say my prayers. Before quarantine, I would ask God to help me be the best version of myself. Pretty standard request, no? It wasn’t until I was in quarantine for a few weeks that I started to second guess the rhetoric I was using in my prayers.

What is “The Best Version” of Myself?

There are certain scenarios where being the best is something defined and quantifiable. Such is the case with athletes or salespeople. Someone can be considered the best at chess if they are able to defeat all other chess champions. But when we say “the best version of myself”, this is far more difficult to quantify and ultimately harder to work towards.

I had reached a point where every time I said it, the words started to feel more and more passive. The whole reason I pray is to actively acknowledge what I am thankful for, what I am working towards, and what I need help with. The ‘best version’ of myself is not only ambiguous, but somewhat limiting. Maybe I am already the best version of myself. You can’t be vague when you’re trying to improve your life. You need to have goals. You need to have benchmarks…